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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Nationalparkzentrum Falkenstein - Haus zur Wildnis
Rißlochwasserfälle im ARBERLAND.
Großer Pfahl bei Viechtach im ARBERLAND.
Bergbach im Nationalparkgebiet Bayerischer Wald.
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The Große Arber

King and highest mountain of the ARBERLAND

I am high above the other mountains and hills, that is why I am called rightly the king of the forest. Over Bohemias regions and Bavarias lowlands I look north to the Bohemian mountains and south to the Alps - poem of the year 1846

The Große Arber, also called the „King of the Bavarian Forest", is with its 1456 Meters not only the highest mountain in the Bavarian-Bohemian border mountain range, it has also a special status in the Bavarian Forest because of its nature. In any case you definitely have to visit it when you are on holiday in the ARBERLAND.

The tight coexistence of extraordinary phenomena makes the ARBERLAND an asset of inestimable value: the Rißloch-Waterfalls, various moors, the glacial lakes with steep gradiant walls and the primeval forest grant this ethnic area its distinctive character.

Not least the tree free summit of the Arber itself is a special feature whose wildlife cannot be found anywhere else in the Bavarian border mountain range. Since 1939 wide parts of the area are under protection to conserve them in their uniqueness. Since the year 2000 there are designated trails in the summit area.

The Rißloch is the oldest coservation area in the Arber region and is home of the highest waterfalls of the Bavarian Forest besides natural ravine forests. Where Arberbach and Wildauerbach flow together to the Riesbach these waterfalls offer a unique nature spectactle.


Großer Arbersee im Herbst.Johannes Matt

The Große Arbersee is one of three lakes of the Bavarian Forest. The Großer Arbersee is located at the flank of the Große Arber. The Großer and Kleiner Arbersee are relicts of the ice age (cirque lakes) and enclosed by a tight primeval forest and high forest. A unique characteristic of both Arbersee are the so called "swimming lawns" that rest on the shore and grow against the water surface.

The Große Arbersee is one of the most visited lakes of the Bavarian Forest. It is bedded in a deep wild romantic cirque and is overlaped by the Große Arber about 500 metres.

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