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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Nationalparkzentrum Falkenstein - Haus zur Wildnis
Rißlochwasserfälle im ARBERLAND.
Großer Pfahl bei Viechtach im ARBERLAND.
Bergbach im Nationalparkgebiet Bayerischer Wald.
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The Pale - an important monument of nature

Dragon comb and Felsenheid - the Bavarian Pale

: ..Fire came out of the soil, engulfed the trees and moved along the lawn for hours. Soon it was deadly silent - where it burnt, no grass grew again and everything turned to stone... - legend about the formation of the pale

The Pale is a seldom evidence for the elemental force of nature. The quartz crystal filled split in the mountain ground of the Bavarian Forest has developed in more than 300 million years. It is over 150 kilometers long. At a few spots, at which it comes through the surface, bizzare rock formations can be admired.

The pale is one of the most important geological monuments of nature in Bavaria and offers one of the most fanscinating nature conservation spectacles in East Bavaria. His name is from latin origin: "palladius is for pale".

For the people in the ARBERLAND the pale has always been a riddle. Not for nothing the vernacular says it is the devils wals and a witches work. What is true about the old legends can be found out today in a very comfortable way.

Near Viechtach, directly at the national highway B 85, the "Große Pfahl" rises up. Other places where the pale is revealed is at the castle ruin Weißenstein (near Regen) and near castle Thierlstein (near Cham).

In the permantent exhibitionat th "Alten Rathaus" in Viechtach visitors can get to know interesting things about the pale.

Who wants to know more about the pale can visit the nature trail "Großer Pfahl" - near Viechtach.

For more information:
Naturpark Bayerischer Wald e. V. - Pfahl-Infostelle im Alten Rathaus
Stadtplatz 1, 94234 Viechtach
Tel. 09942 904864, Fax 09942 904856


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