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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
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Wood and glass are the most important raw materials in the Bavarian-bohemian woody mountains.

"Sensitiveness is the poetry of imagination." - Alphonse de Lamartine

Subtle hands in the ARBERLAND make with passion, creativity and the best manual tradition something meaningful, worthy and convenient out of it at the state of the art.

Take a gander at the glass factories, glass galleries and woodcarving garages or just drive through the region with open eyes. There is really nothing missing here. From the glass ark to the carved diggers with jelly bag caps.

There is lot of tactfulness and sensitiveness when the musicians of the region fulfill the ARBERLAND with their sounds at numerous occasions. The folk music festival "Drumherum" is unique when world and folk music come together.

With the right feeling for fine taste inns, farm shops and delicatessen manufactures offer real delicacies of the region. Taste it and get involved with the original Bavarian- Bohemian world of taste…

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