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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
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A textbook example of an ethnic nature. An enchanted forest like Little Red Riding Hood would like it.

The ARBERLAND is pure nature. Nature is allowed to unfold after its own rules in the Bavarian Forest, the wild heart of Europe. And you in-between.

"The aim of life is to live it in accordance with nature."

You want to be a part of it when a new primeval forest arises and you want to feel the special aura of a peat bog or want to hug the oldest fir tree in the Bavarian Forest? Material for extraordinary feelings of nature…

The nature of the ARBERLAND is also creative beyond the National parks: lively-kittenish at the Rißloch waterfalls, transfigured-mystical at the Arbersee, elemental along the Großer Pfahl.

Did you ever smell the spring or hear the winter? The ARBERLAND offers the stage for that, together with a varied cultural landscape in which wild flowers are allowed to grow and cows are really happy. Little Red Riding Hood can take a careless walk through the wood while the wolf has a good time in the animal enclosure of the National park.

Winter am Großen Arber - NATUR.gefühlwoidlife photography