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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
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The people in the ARBERLAND BAYERISCHER WALD always have a strong tie to their home.

"Who does not love and honour his home is not worth it."

They live and feel with the forest they call “Woid”. They call themselves “Waidler” – an earnest declaration of love to the softly shaped woody landscape between the Danube and Vltava.

The “Waidler” is inartificial and modest. But at the same time very proud. Proud to live in one of the most beautiful places under the white and blue Bavarian sky, proud of an exciting cultural scene, various traditions and honest ancient customs.

Everything is real and vital. Existing down-to-earth mentality with the right portion of modernity. That gives a feeling of security, earthing and the feeling of home – not only for locals.
Experience how home feels on holiday in the ARBERLAND. Get involved with an extraordinary area with adorable people.

Enjoy the Bavarian hospitality and lust for life. It will not take long and you will be welcomed in the ARBERLAND with a cordial “Servus dahoam”

HEIMAT.gefühl am "Buchhüttenschachten"woidlife photography