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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Pichelsteinerfestzug mit dem 10er-Gespann der Brauerei Falter
Traditionelles Glasblasen bei JOSKA - Bodenmais.
Traditioneller Kocherball im Schloss Buchenau bei Lindberg.
Traditionsveranstaltung - Wolfauslassen in Bodenmais
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Glass tradition in the ARBERLAND

For many people a perfect holiday implies a varified cultural offer. And such the ARBERLAND can truely offer - namely in a unique mixture of glass art, galeries and traditions.

The ARBERLAND BAVARIAN FOREST belongs to one of the most traditional glass regions in whole Europe. Many hundered years before the first glass factories developed here.

But glass is more than just an article of daily use. Glass is fantasy, colour, heat, technique, art, history and modernity. All that can you see, experience and feel at the glass street in the ARBERLAND.

From the glass barn near Viechtach to the various glass factories like JOSKA glass paradise in Bodenmais, the glass village Weinfurtner in Arnbruck to the glass factory Eisch or the glass museum Frauenau with the "Glass gardens".

Glass art and tradition play a big role. In the center is always the fascinating material glass with its long culture and its enormous variety.

Important glass galeries and museums show the historic importance of this dainty material:

See the varieties of glass. Get inspired by it and admire its numerous and exceptional sights along the glass street.


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