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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Ruhmannsfelden im Winter
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in the Heart of the bavarian forest

Forests, meadows, water and mountains – all in one place at Ruhmannsfelden in the Teisnach valley. It is one of the oldest settlements in the Bavarian Forest, surrounded by 1,000 metre mountains. Its historic market place has been carefully preserved.

The Teisnach, a delightful mountain stream, borders the market town to the East. Nature lovers are well served by 50 kilometres of marked paths and there are also guided walks. Alongside the animal and plant world there are also old crafts to discover in Ruhmannsfelden.

Printing, Tanning, Distilling
How about a personalised table cloth or cushion cover? You can choose one of a wide range of motifs to be hand printed for you to produce a unique souvenir. Or are you interested in how a tannery turns raw hides into high quality sheepskins and rugs? You will find this out on a tour through the Hofbrucker tannery.

If you are thirsty for strong alcohol, you should drop into the schnaps producer, who has produced mild to strong Bavarian schnaps specialities from roots, fruits and herbs for more than 40 years.

Traditional festivals take place every year in Ruhmannsfelden, with music, beer and special events for young and old, big and small.

Tourist-Information RuhmannsfeldenTourist-Information Ruhmannsfelden

Haus des Lebens
Anyone who likes unusual buildings should take a look at the Haus des Lebens (House of Life). The owner has made a work of art out of the old brewery inn, with phantasy, colours and various shapes and materials. In the Café "Wünsch Dir was" you can let the peace and harmony of the house work their magic.

The Catholic parish church of St. Laurentius has many fine features and there is also the pilgrimage chapel at Osterbrünnl with cloisters.


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Tourist-Information im "Haus des Lebens"
Am Marktplatz 10, 94239 Ruhmannsfelden
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