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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Zugpferdetreffen in Poschetsried bei Regen.
Pferdefreundliche Region 2014
Traditionelles Holzrücken mit dem Pferd.
Pferdefreundliche Region 2014
Brauereiwagenfahren in Zwiesel
Pferdeschlittenrennen in Rinchnach
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The Horse Region ARBERLAND

If horses could smile, in the ARBERLAND they would – because ARBERLAND is horse land. The Bavarian Riding and Driving Association e. V. (Bayerischer Reit und Fahrverein e.V.) had the same impression and awarded the ARBERLAND 2014 as state winner with the title “Horse friendly region”.

Pferdefreundliche Region 2014ARBERLAND REGio GmbH

Who is out and about in the ARBERLAND BAVARIAN FOREST gets immediatly the impression that horses are an important part of the holiday region on the green rooftop of Europe. An impression that is not wrong because in the ARBERLAND around 3000 horses lead a varified horse life: If for the environmental friendly horse logging in the forests, as riding or school horses, for horse breeding or therapeutic riding - horses enjoy a high appreciation in the ARBERLAND that is not only expressed at work but also at the numerous social events.

Hardly a festival opening where horses are not taking part. Even at the world famous Munich Oktoberfest parade horses from the ARBERLAND take part. Many traditional events in the ARBERLAND are unconceivable without horses.

Horse lovers who want to fulfill their passion on holidays “back the right horse” with the ARBERLAND for sure. The “Horse-friendly Region” offers all possibilities for horse and equestrian to experience that the greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse. From holidays with the own horse to professional riding lessons . From the horse friendly hosts to the extensive and varied cross country rides , therapeutic riding or romantic horse and carriage rides – keywords that make horse vacationers smile…