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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
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With the motorcycle en route in the ARBERLAND

Enjoy the bends of the ARBERLAND BAVARIAN FOREST

There are many reasons for motorcyclists to tour in the heart of the ARBERLAND BAVARIAN FOREST: Wonderful panorama roads, biker friendly accomodations and gastronomy, professional motorbike service, an ideal location for side trips to the Czech neighbours and bends, bends, bends.

On unhurried roads, that make the biker heart beat faster, you can drive through the 6000 km² of the Bavarian Forest, whose most popular part is a national park. 130 mountains in the Bavarian Forest are higher than 1000 meters.You will be rewarded with the most beautiful views on wonderful panorama tours - according to Adalbert Stifters "Wood wave after wood wave, until one of them is the last one and carves the sky".

Zwei Biker, im Hintergrund der Große Arber.LRA Regen / CD_Digital_art

Further north you can discover the wood and water rich land of the Upper Palatinate Forest. Thousands of ponds can be found in the convent land as well as in the whole region as the region of Germany with the most castles. Who wants not only driving pleasure but also culture and art can find it here, not only because of the holiday routes "Die Glasstraße" and "Die Porzellanstraße", that lead through the worlds of the glass and porcellan handicraft.

With the entry of the Czech Republic in the EU the Bohemian, Bavarian and Upper Palatinate Forest are connected even more - for motorcyclist that residate in the ARBERLAND excursions to the world famous health resorts Franzensbad, Marienbad and Karlsbad are a must, as well as a detour to Klattau and the UNESCO- world heritage Krumau.

In the whole ARBERLAND an outstanding biker friendly hotel business and gastronomy is waiting for the motorcyclist. After every day trip you can have a good time in romantic beer gardens with exquisite bavarian-bohemian cuisine. The service reaches from carports over drying rooms for wet biker clothes up to biker holiday packages.

On the following map you can find our biker friendly hosts and the romantic beer gardens in the ARBERLAND: