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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
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Wellness und Gesundheit
Wellness- & Gesundheitshofes Ellerbeck in Langdorf
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Wellness in the ARBERLAND

Natural wellness - mineral spring Bavarian Forest

Call it off with stress and environmental burdon! Enjoy the allround feel good holiday in the incomparable low mountain range climate of the ARBERLAND BAVARIAN FOREST. You can feel pure relaxation at pleasant massages, warming baths or beauty applications. Say goodbye to daily stress and leave the troubles of daily life behind at a wellness holiday in the ARBERLAND.

"The leisure seems to carry lust, true luck and a blessed life in itself." - Aristoteles

Use the healing powers of the water in the middle of an idyllic nature - Kneipp farms and Kneipp facilities in the ARBERLAND BAVARIAN FOREST offer the best opportunities. No matter if wading, water affusions, sleeves, packages or baths - the various applications of Sebastian Kneipp heal and keep healthy.

The guest and his health are in the center of Kneipp farms in the ARBERLAND. For the wholistic recreation and relaxation of their guests, farmers invest lots of time and personal commitment.

The quality characteristic "Health farm recognised by Kneipp federation" is given to farms after strict examination. For guests this sign is a guarantee that Kneipp applications are performed according to the principles of priest Sebastian Kneipp: Fresh water, movement in the nature, healthy food and the quiet of the Bavarian Forest bring soul and mind in line.

Kneipp farms in the ARBERLAND


Healthy climate
"Healthful nature" and "modern medicine" connect the various recreation and climatic spas. Patients with rheumatism, cardiac and circulatory illnesses as well as nervous states of exhaustion are limbered up again in health and professional clinics, bath divisions as well as in closed down mines with the "Bodenmaiser bank therapy".

Bank therapy in Bodenmais - Clear air in the Silberberg
Breath free and unloaded. You can do that best below ground at a bank therapy in the Silberberg of Bodenmais, it is recommended for chronic sinusitis, chonic bronchitis and asthma as well as whooping cough.

Bathing possibilties in the ARBERLAND
For every cooling the perfect offer - various waterparks, indoor swimming pools, heated or unheated outdoor swimming pools, climatic spa baths and many ponds invite for swimming, bathing and splashing.

For whom swimming is too boring: slipping, wild water, whirlpools and many possibilties to play in and outside of the swimming pool offer an exciting variety. Especially children get their money's worth at the swimming pools in the ARBERLAND.

And those who prefer to relax can do good for their body and mind at the various saunas. The incomparable and original natural ambience is included.


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