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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Trailrunning durch den Woid im ARBERLAND
Trails beim ARBERLAND Ultra Trail im Bayerischen Wald
Der ARBERLAND Ultra Trail über dem Großen Arber
Trailrunning im ARBERLAND
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Trail running – Feel the Freedom at a run

Forest run, mountain run or trail run – the varied landscape of the Bavarian Forest offers pure running pleasure with nature pleasure. Over crisply ascents on 18 – thousand meter summits, along the breath-taking high paths with dreamlike views and technically demanding downhills. A paradise for everyone who loves the challenge.

In the ARBERLAND trail running beginners and professionals get their money’s worth as well. A kilometre-long network of trails wafts through the Bavarian-Bohemian forest sea and arranges through the permanent change of uphill and downhill numerous altitude meters and lots of diversity. Small paths, rooty forest paths and rocky steep paths waft along calm meadows, whooshing waterfalls and up to the Bavarian Forest summits. For the beginning flat routes are more suitable, for example along rivers with only a few altitude metres.

Who wants to run in a group can join the numerous running meets and explore the Bavarian Forest landscape together.

On the 25./26. September 2020 you can experience the ARBERLAND Ultra Trail. The 64 km-trail race leads over 2400 hm and view summits. Those who prefer a shorter distance, can try the 41 km Auerhahntrail with 1500hm or the 16 km ArberseewandTrail with 600 hm.


Unterm Silberberg beim ARBERLAND Ultra Trail 2016woidlife photographie

The GPS coordinates and further information on the routes can you find in a tour portal.