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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Pichelsteinerfestzug mit dem 10er-Gespann der Brauerei Falter
Traditionelles Glasblasen bei JOSKA - Bodenmais.
Traditioneller Kocherball im Schloss Buchenau bei Lindberg.
Traditionsveranstaltung - Wolfauslassen in Bodenmais
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Tradition and ancient customs in the ARBERLAND

Here traditions and customs are tenderly maintained

The course of the year makes out the plan. Folkmusic, crafts, legends and fairytales! In the ARBERLAND BAVARIAN FOREST we are glad to show the guests what it was like in former times.

The remoteness of the Bavarian Forest, its raw climate and its meager soils have formed the spiritual-cultural life of the people. The result are customs, folk art and folk music that exist only here.

Indeed: Only a few areas in Germany have such a rich folk cultural heritage like the Bavarian Forest. Of course also the ARBERLAND with its villages, market towns, towns and people is shaped by these traditions. If you see the world with open eyes, you will realize a lot of these phenomenas. Often they are unspectacular, hardly recognisable and also not meant for the public. But nobody is shut off!


There is for example the folk music, that frames various celebrations and is fostered in many families. The new year is started in most of the places with the new years blowers that go from house to house and bring the best whishes for the start of the new year.

Many of the following traditions and customs are still alive in the ARBERLAND:

Wolfauslassen im Bayerischen WaldBayern Tourismus GmbH

Celebrations and festivals in the ARBERLAND:


If you have questions or information on the events, customs and celebrations, the tourist informations in the ARBERLAND will help you: