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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
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Wellness und Gesundheit
Wellness- & Gesundheitshofes Ellerbeck in Langdorf
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Time off

Wellness, yoga and meditation - find rest in the ARBERLAND BAVARIAN FOREST

"Every day needs moments of silence, for a converstion in pairs, a prayer, a good book or a walk." - Rainer Haak

Feel good in harmony with nature in the ARBERLAND BAVARIAN FOREST

Hectics, stress, excessive demand - burn out. Do as soon as possible something agianst the baleful chain of exhaustion and take a break from daily routines. The ARBERLAND in the center of the Bavarian Forest offers aside of recreative nature, relaxing hikes and the unhurried way of the people many places and specialists that take care of your inner balance.

Many stroll in the footsteps of Hape Kerkeling on the Camino de Santiago. Others look for the silence of monastries. Others prefer the meditation according to buddhistic example. The Bavarian Forest offers the quintessence of all these ways to an inner balance.

Feel comfortable with wholistic approach, wellness, physiotheraphy, massages, yoga, dancing and meditation and, and , and - here you can find the best conditions for your time off from daily routines.


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