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Riding as healthy sports

Felix smiles, his cheering can be heard from far away, everything on him expresses pur lust for life. And that is infective. Mum, grandma and Bea look happy and even the big, black Attila seems to be very content. Attila deserves that because he is the one who makes Felix smile regularly - always when Felix comes to the riding lesson on the calm and sensitive Noriker.

Attila is not just a horse, he has made a special training for several years to become a therapy horse and does his job with stoical calm and serenity. Through him - as a medium so to speak- Felix, who was born with the Angelman syndrome, gets three dimensional vibrations to his pelvis and with it impulses that make a training of the position, balance and back-up reactions possible as well as the normalisation of the muscular tension.

Who wants to do horse riding not only as a leisure sport but wants to follow also a constitutional aspect, finds with Bea Ginger and her team the right two or four leged contact persons. At the same time they follow the constitutional aspect that is said to bring body, mind and soul in line. " With these special offers we focus not only on physical grievances, but also take care of the personal balance and learning of relaxation techniques. The overcoming of fears and taking over of chances to mental health are often the first steps to pyhsical health", explains Bea Ginger, amongst others accomplished trainer for horse riding as a health sport, her concept.

And this goes far beyond her own business. She works together tightly with spa clincs and charities but also with barrier-free accomodations and hosts that want to offer their guests not only pure recreation holdidays but also offersfor health care and prevention. And there are more and more of them, as the demands for the horse as "health partner".