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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Nationalparkzentrum Falkenstein - Haus zur Wildnis
Rißlochwasserfälle im ARBERLAND.
Großer Pfahl bei Viechtach im ARBERLAND.
Bergbach im Nationalparkgebiet Bayerischer Wald.
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National Park Bavarian Forest

Let nature be nature in the National Park Bavarian Forest

The National Park Bavarian Forest is the first and oldest internationally recognized National Park in Germany and extends to an area of 243 Square kilometres anround the mountains of the Bavarian Forest Falkenstein, Rachel and Lusen and forms together with the neighboring National Park Sumava in the Czech Republic the biggest forestry conservation area of Central Europe.

You can only command nature when you let yourself guide by nature - Latin saying

A broad range of possibilites is provided for the welcomed guest to explore this forest in his unique form, to witness the exciting processes at the formation of a new wilderness in the middle of Europe.

The specific beauty of the National Park is made accessible by over 300 km excellently tagged hiking paths. In addition to that there are more than 200 km cycle paths, 170 km cross country tracks in the outskirts of the National park and about 100 km broached winter hiking paths.


The National Park Center Falkenstein near Ludwigsthal in the ARBERLAND BAVARIAN FOREST with its visitor´s Center Haus zur Wildnis and the National Parc Center Lusen near Neuschönau with its visitors' center Hans-Eisenmann-Haus offers guests deep insights in the wild forest nature with modern, highly interesting exhibitions.

Surrounding animal enclosures with spacious enclosures and aviaries offer partly very close contact to the local animals of the mountain forest. The world's biggest, barrier-free tree top path its 44 metres high tree tower in the National Park center Lusen has developed to a honeypot. Assisted informations points can be found at the border station Bayerisch Eisenstein and the glass museum in Frauenau.

There is a varied offer for families with children with the forest playing area and its unique nature trail near Spiegelau, the hiking park in Bayerisch Eisenstein and a variety of nearby, buggy rideable loop roads and playgrounds.

The Wildernes Camp at the Falkenstein with its affiliated youth camp site is an outstanding educational establishment for young people.

Hochwaldsteig at the Lusen, in the mixed forest region on the Seelensteig at the Rachel, in the coniferous forest region at the Aufichtenwaldsteig near Spiegelau, in the old primeval forests at the nature path Watzlik-Hain near Zwieslerwaldhaus and the moor area on the adventure path Schachten und Filze above Buchenau.


For more information:
Verwaltung Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald
Freyunger Straße 2, 94481 Grafenau
Tel. 08552 9600-0, Fax 08552 9600-100

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