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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
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Wellness und Gesundheit
Wellness- & Gesundheitshofes Ellerbeck in Langdorf
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Holdiay & medicine

Because your health is important for us

Health is the most important thing in life
The ARBERLAND clinics Zwiesel and Viechtach together make the medical basic care sure in the administrative disctrict Regen.

"Nature is the best chemist." - Sebastian Kneipp

Both institutions assure the medical basic care as well as the emergency care in this region. The residential care of both hospitals has balanced emphases in the mecial special branches with perfect care for the patients.

Unwind - that is what also dialysis patients want. In the ARBERLAND BAVARIAN FOREST you can enjoy your holidays carefree despite the illness. The team of the dyalisis center with nephroligic practice at the ARBERLANDKlinik Zwiesel continous assures renal replacement therapy also on holiday.

Silberberg Clinic in Bodenmais
The Silberberg clinic in Bodenmais emphasizes the therapy of diseases of the respiratory system, the skin and the metabolism. In addition to that mother and child health programmes, traditional chinese medicine and a special Adipositas programme.

Stay healthy!