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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Trails im ARBERLAND.
Kanufahren am Schwarzen Regen
Radfahren mit Kindern im ARBERLAND
Sommerbiathlon im ARBER Hohenzollern Skistadion.
Trailrunning im ARBERLAND
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Fun and Excitement - Funsport in the ARBERLAND

Fire paintballs and entrench exploited behind colourful cars. Playing paintball guarantees action, fun and excitement. But it needs more for a colourful pleasure. The team sport requires a high amount of concentration, tactic and team spirit...

Football in a different way - slip in "Bubbles" and let's go. Run riot, hustle your competitors and work for the first goal for your team. Falling over, rolling and laughing are also part of the game just like endurance and coordination. In the center of Loppyball is one thing: having fun. Even the spectators get their money worth...

Lasertag is fast, exciting and full of action. Equipped with a sensor vest and a safe laser you go to a dark room. Only neon lights lead through the dark. Now you have to hide and take aim, because every strike means points deduction...

Racy overtaking maneuvers, head-to-head races and creaking tires. On one of the biggest go-kart rinks in Lower Bavaria you can become a race driver yourself and rush over the track like a Formular One professional. Foot on the gas and let's go...

Strike home like Robin Hood, that needs more than only good eyes. Discover the traditional sport archery, feel the balance between body, strengh and soul. If your are beginner or professional with bow and arrow you can discover the ARBERLAND on soft feet...