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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Zugpferdetreffen in Poschetsried bei Regen.
Pferdefreundliche Region 2014
Traditionelles Holzrücken mit dem Pferd.
Pferdefreundliche Region 2014
Brauereiwagenfahren in Zwiesel
Pferdeschlittenrennen in Rinchnach
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Everything for horse and rider

The horse friendly region on the green rooftop of Europe offers not only full service for the horse, but has also the perfect equipment for the equestrians and wagoners.

Horses are an opinion on four legs. - Pat Parelli, american horse trainer.

At our equitation outfitters and saddlers you can find everything for horse and rider Equitation Oberländer in Regen has since more than 10 years the necessary knowhow but also the practical experience. The range of products includes all articles of equitation.

In the workshops of the saddlers Luck Raster from Kaltenbrunn and Stoffl Saddlery from Weihmannsried saddles, snaffles and acessories are generated custom made.

You can get unique saddlecloths at Lisa Schreder at the Gut Tausendbachl. Decorated saddlecloths for your beloved ones are available here: Tel. +49 9926/60704

You are looking for a handmade horse bit or stainless steel horse shoes than Alois Achatz from Teisnach is the right address.


Who has to shoe his horse can do that at the experience local blacksmith. Your horse is in the best hands at our blacksmiths in the ARBERLAND:

  • Florian Feigl, Achslach - Tel. +49 9929/958276
  • Martin Pauli, Böbrach - Tel. +49 9921/7623
  • Ludwig Wilhelm, Kollnburg - Tel. +49 9942/3116
  • Stefan Weiß, Patersdorf - Tel. +49 160/93882444
  • Johann Plank, Teisnach - Tel. +49 9923/803123
  • Michael Göschl, Zwiesel - Tel. +49 160/94945144



The vetinary supply is taken over by the following vets and nonmedical practicioners:

  • Tierarzt Dr. Matthias Lechner-Doll, Drachselsried - Tel. +49 9945/902170
  • Tierarzt Dr. Hiendl, Zachenberg - Tel. +49 9929/2219
  • Tierarzt Dr. med. vet. Helmut Feigl , Beutelsbach - Tel. +49 8541/6012330 od. +49 160/9697470
  • Tierheilpraktikerin Claudia Weininger, Regen - Tel. +49 160/94684135


Let attention be drawn to the own horse for individual and expressive pictures – the professionals in the field of horse photography in the ARBERLAND Bavarian Forest and surroundings make it possible:

Pferdefreundliches ARBERLANDTheresa Greil