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Wellness- & Gesundheitshofes Ellerbeck in Langdorf
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Energy places

Energy places in the ARBERLAND

What has the ARBERLAND BAVARIAN FOREST - the holiday village Langdorf to be precise- in common with the place of pilgrimage Lourdes, the vulcano Popocatépetl or the legendary Inka town Machu Picchu?

"The source of health is inner harmony, harmony with nature and the environment" - Osho

All these places are places of special energy whose positive earth rays are scientifically measurable in Nanotesla. The people always knew about the special effect of such "energy filling stations". That is why it is for sure not coninsidence that indian cult places or also christian churches are often connected to energy place.

In Langdorf four energy places were discovered, messured and recognized worldwide - three of them are publicly accessible. The potential of healthy earth radiation is even over the data meassured in Lourdes.

People on holiday can fill in energy in the truest sense of word in Langdorf, strenghten body and mind and find themselves (again).


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