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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Frühling im Kinderland ARBERLAND.
Fröhliches Kind auf einer blühenden Frühlingswiese.
Der Frühling im Kinderland ARBERLAND - Auf ins Abenteuer!
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Culture for Children

Boring? – NO, not here in the ARBERLAND. Children with their parents can go exploring here and immerge in times long ago.

History and Culture for Children: ARBERLAND = Museumsland

Steaming locomotives. Living machines. Art made of glass and even from Egypt. Farming in times long ago and a barn made of glass: The museums are as exciting as different.

The Castles in the ARBERLAND

Donjon, merlons, dungeon. In addition festivals, mysterious knights, rare animals and even a treasure not found after many hundred years: In the castles of the ARBERLAND adventures like in the Middle Ages can be experienced.