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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Genuss von frischem Salat
Frisch aus dem Brotbackofen - Sengzelten im ARBERLAND
Heidelbeeren -
Frischer Genuss im ARBERLAND
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Beer gardens in the ARBERLAND

Cozy, convivial, hospitable: What would the Bavarian Forest be without its beer gardens?

No mild summer evening, no holiday without a detour to the beer garden. And with it a good and solid meal or the delight of bavarian delicacies and a cool beer, of course. Often the beer gardens are cozy, shady places under century old lime or chestnut trees.

It is emphasized that only fresh, regional products are used for the meals and it is paid attention to mild preparation.

"Beer is the most convincing evidence that god loves the humans and wants them to be happy" - (Bejamin Franklin, 1706-1790, american statesman)

Our beer gardens are exceptionally children and familyfriendly including possibilities to play.


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