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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Nationalparkzentrum Falkenstein - Haus zur Wildnis
Rißlochwasserfälle im ARBERLAND.
Großer Pfahl bei Viechtach im ARBERLAND.
Bergbach im Nationalparkgebiet Bayerischer Wald.
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Bavarian forest nature park

"Tracking nature" in the Nature Park Bavarian Forest

Trees are poems written by the earth in the sky. - Khalil Gibram

The most important task of the nature park is to preserve the centuries-old, rural cultivated landscape between the Danube lowlands and the Großer Arber. The Nature Park Bavarian Forest in the ARBERLAND is a region in which humans and nature can recover. Through different information centers, pavillions, theme paths, nature studies paths interesting cultivated landscapes and ecological themes of the region are explained.

Naturpark-Informationshaus in Zwiesel in schneebedeckter LandschaftNaturpark Zwiesel

Exemplary is the nature park information house in Zwiesel, which is heated by solar energy throughout the whole year. What is the national park? And what is the nature park? Who does not know the difference yet should visit this information house, because the compentent staff explains also this. All sorts of worth knowing things are presented by the information point in the nature park house whose natural studies part convinces even confirmed experts.

That is unique in Europe: The only station building between the North Cape and Gibraltar through which runs an international border is in Bayerisch Eisenstein. The border station houses furthermore an information point of the Bavarian Forest Nature Park as well as the German- Czech nature and national park information center.

We recommend especially the visit of the attached Nature Park World "NaturparkWelten". You can discover and experience many interesting things like the construction of the Waldbahn, the history of skiing, the Arber itself and the misterious world of the bats on overall five floors. In addition to that you can get information on the National Parks Sumava and Bavarian Forest, the landscape protection area Sumava and the the nature park bavarian forest.

More than 30 nature paths and study paths in the ARBERLAND offer an amusing and highly informative chance to discover nature in a playful way. Short or long distances, a lot of information or only the most important one. According to your demands you can learn everything on forests, hedges, waters, organic orchards, characteristics of natural landscapes or cultural historic things on the study and theme paths in the Bavarian Forest Nature Park.

In the Bavarian Forest Nature Park in the ARBERLAND guests as well as locals face many imposing monuments of nature. As unique creations of nature they are not only of ecological, folklore and local historic importance but also a popular destination for hikers and cyclists. Simply take a rest and admire - here is the best opportunity for that with the view of a monument of nature in the ARBERLAND.


For more information:
Naturpark Bayerischer Wald e. V.
Info-Zentrum 3, 94227 Zwiesel
Tel. 09922 802480, Fax 09922 802481

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