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Arberland Bayerischer Wald
Silberberg bei Bodenmais
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Silberberg – historic visitor mine Bodenmais


Experience the fascinating world belowground. The path leads you through the 600 metres long "Barbarastollen" to the heart of the Silberberg to a big cavity, the "Großer Barbaraverhau". The atmospheric walk through the centuries-old bank transfers the history of mining into the present.

The Silberberg holds more than 60 different minerals in its inside. With the presentation of the hard work belowground you feel demoted to another time. A subterranean lake and the Silberberg museum that shows the mining history of Bodenmais since 1311 complete your visit.

The visitors mine has also a Therapy bank, an access gallery, in which the so called speläo therapy (below ground fresh air inhalation therapy) is implemented.