Holidays in ARBERLAND: Come and Enjoy Nature, Wellness and Sport

Ein Gedicht der Natur - Blick vom Mittagsplatzl auf den Großen Arbersee. Foto: LRA Regen/Friesl.
The oldest National Park in Germany and the majestic Arber mountain, traditional customs and a variety of sporting and leisure activities, Wellness and only a few kilometres from neighbouring Czech Republic, good value accommodation: The County of Regen, in the heart of the Bavarian Forest, has a great deal to offer its guests. Visit ARBERLAND: we are looking forward to meeting you!
Kinder spielen im Erlebnisraum im Haus zur Wildnis

The „National Park Information Center Falkenstein“ in the Bavarian Forest National Park

Wilderness in the animal enclosures. Anyone who wants to meet a lynx, wolf, wild horse or ancient ox visits the National Park Information Centre Falkenstein in Ludwigsthal. Other highlights, all free of charge are: the ‚Root Path’, Stone Age Caves and Outlook Tower. more »

Hotelzimmer im ArberLand Bayerischer Wald. Foto: Tagungshaus Bayerischer Wald

Search & Book: The Fast Way to Book your Accommodation

From Prackenbach to Lindberg, from Arnbruck to Bischofsmais: The regions, towns and villages of ARBERLAND offer the right accommodation for every need. Here you can search quickly and book easily. more »


Walking in the Bavarian Forest

Wandern im Arberland Bayerischer Wald. Foto: Touristisches Service Center

Mountain Biking in ARBERLAND

Mountainbiken im ArberLand. Foto: Touristisches Service Center

Kinderland Bayerischer Wald